C# Gotcha or /Facepalm moment?

So I was playing around with a little idea and while putting together a simple class, very hastily I might add, I accidentally did something that caused a StackOverflowException to be thrown.

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Use C# To Fill Out Web Forms

I figured I’d give out a quick tip that I had to recently do in C#. A friend had asked me how to automatically fill out a web form and submit it so that he could grab the html of the results page. Luckily, it is VERY simple in C# and I assume it is just as easy in VB.NET too…

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Shazam Makes Radio “Guess This Song” Games Too Easy…

So, I found the Shazam application in the iPhone app store not too long ago and I have to say this is an amazing piece of software for it being completely free. I would be more than willing to pay for this application if it has a small fee.

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Deleting Symbolic Links Using FTP

So, just after praising SmartFTP with my previous post I came across a small little hiccup. I started having trouble deleting a directory (or so I thought it was a directory according to SmartFTP) when it turns out it was really a symbolic link made with using wp-cache plugin for WordPress. The file “advanced-cache.php” appeared as a directory to SmartFTP and it was unable to delete the “directory” as I kept getting a 550 error. I looked around online and came across a solution using good old command line.

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