Chirp is a dart game some buddies and I made up just to mix things up a bit from the typical dart games. This game mixes the play styles of x01 (301, 501, etc) and Cricket with the ability to gain side points to buy out marks for the first half of the game. The advantage of this game, with players that are not on the professional level, is that if you have an off night then you are able to redeem yourself some with gaining side points to help with closing out the Cricket numbers.

How To Play:

It is up to you and your party to decide who goes first. Typically I will splash the board to see who goes first by taking 2 darts and throwing them at the same time. Highest to lowest points determines turn order.

The first half of the game is played like the typical Cricket game. If you hit numbers 15 through 20 or Bullseye then you place a mark on the number you hit. Three marks will close the number out and you are done with that number. The difference between normal Cricket and Chirp is with the numbers 1 through 14. If you hit those numbers then you sum them up on the side. As you play and this total rises then at the end of each of your turns you will have the option to spend said points for one extra mark. You are only allowed to gain one mark per turn through points. The extra mark will cost three times the amount of the mark you want. Below is a list of Cricket numbers and their mark cost:

20 = 60 points
19 = 57 points
18 = 54 points
17 = 51 points
16 = 48 points
15 = 45 points
B = 100 points

It is important to note that the normal Cricket numbers DO NOT count towards your side points. For example, lets say I threw two 17s and one 3 just missing the third mark for 17. I would place two marks on 17 and then add 3 points to the side total. That side total summed to 46 where I could then place a mark on 15 for 45 of the side points leaving me with just 1 side point.

There are variations to Cricket where you don’t play with points and others where you do. If you prefer to play with points then that is fine just do not mix those points with the side points that was just explained.

Once you close out all seven Cricket numbers then the second half of the game starts. It is important to remember that the darts you threw that closed out the final mark(s) need to finish the first half of Chirp must all be thrown at the board. All non-Cricket numbers must be added to your side total. So with that it is to your advantage to throw the darts at Cricket numbers so that your total will not rise for the second half of the game.

During the second half of Chirp the side points now will be used and played like a typical x01 game. Just do what you can to get the points down to zero. If you get close to zero points you may not need to throw all three darts in order to win. For example, if you have six points left and you throw your first dart on six then you are done and win. If you go over the six points then your turn is over and must wait till your next turn. The first player to finish off both halves of the game wins Chirp.

Alternative Rules:

  • Bullseye costs 200 points instead of 100
  • Hit the board outside the double rings or miss completely you lose 1 cricket number mark of opponent’s choice
  • At least 1 of the 3 darts thrown MUST hit a cricket number (even closed numbers are acceptable) in order to get side points added.

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