I Need More iFriends

Yes, you read that correctly. iFriends. More specifically I need more friends or people I know using iPhones. Better yet, Apple needs to open up and build applications for people to take advantage of the several services they offer. I’m tired of having an empty iMessages history. Tired of only having one friend who can use FaceTime with me. I’m tired of having no one to share photo streams with. Apple offers amazing services, but unless you and your circle of friends and family own Apple products you really don’t get to use these amazing services.

We’ve heard Tim Cook saying that Apple is not opposed to building their iCloud serviced products for other platforms, including Android. However, we all know that Apple never will. But why? I can’t say for the millions of users that use BBM if those services were always open and on other platforms or if that is a recent happening. I can say though Google has shown heavy growth of their services by putting their services on almost every available platform in existence. Guess what? It sure is not hurting Android phone and tablet sales. So why is Apple holding back? Do they believe people will leave their hardware if they can get the services on other platforms?

Thinking about it maybe it could hurt Apple’s profits if they opened their services. Apple doesn’t make money off of their software. It is the hardware that generates revenue. They only use services and software to help push more hardware sales. If people can get those services and software on other platforms, then why pay for premium hardware prices when you can get cheaper hardware elsewhere and still get all the Apple services? Users are now obligated to stay within Apple’s ecosystem by limiting their services.

So how is it that companies like Google can thrive off of having their services on many platforms, but Apple is unable? It may very well have to do with the nature of where the money is generated. As mentioned earlier, Apple makes its money from selling hardware. What about Google? They don’t really make hardware and they don’t sell their software. They don’t make any money off of selling Android. In fact, I don’t think they sell it at all. So how does Google make the multi-millions? Advertising. Where they have always made their money. With Google, the more people that use their services the more they reach with advertisements and in turn the more revenue they generate. So it is in Google’s best interest to be as open as possible with their services.

Sure Apple has their iAd service though I don’t think they plan to do much with it. I’m not sure why they decided to get into the advertising market since it is limited to iOS devices only. Maybe it was to help create beautiful looking advertisements so as to not degrade the quality of the apps within the App Store. Yes, I’m using quality loosely here as we’ve all seen many apps that look like the UI was created by a two year old. Maybe iAd was just an experiment to see if they could get into it and maybe later down the road we’ll see it expanded.

I digress though, I wanted to write this to express the complaints of being a fan of Apple services. Being the only one within his social circle. I would love to use Apple’s services more often. However, until Apple finds a way to open their services up to other platforms without it hurting their hardware sales I’m afraid people like me will never be able to take full advantage of their great services.

Author: Scyanide

Software Engineer wanting to share his experiences.

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