Getting Into Hardware

I’ve recently joined a local Maker’s Space group where I live and I’ve been diving a little bit into electronics. This is a new world for me as I have always purposely stayed away from hardware. I found my love with software but always felt hardware was more of a chore. I just didn’t enjoy it. So I left it to those that do enjoy the hardware world.

Maybe it is the influence of the people within the Maker’s Group or maybe my mindset of hardware has shifted over the years but I’m starting to enjoy it a bit. I’m most likely not going to get too deep into it all. I’ll most likely stick to simple prototypes of ideas and/or projects. Also, keep in mind that I’m still learning about the hardware, components, and lingo of this world so I do apologize if I say something that is incorrect.

When purchasing my first “grab bag” of components I didn’t realize that I was going to need to solder. I had figured since it was all prototyping that it would be simple to piece together, like plug and play. Of course, this is not the reality. Lesson learned. So picking up my first soldering iron I learned how to solder with friends and a good practice board. While I can’t say the soldering results were perfect but they seem pretty good for my first time.

With all these components and boards I’ll be coming up with some project ideas and maybe with them I’ll start writing some tutorials on how I put everything together.

Author: Scyanide

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