Annuli Progress

It has been awhile since I last mentioned anything about my first iOS game, Annuli. I can say that the game is now fully functional from start to finish, albeit a rather hard functional game. I have the main menu and game over layers in place.

So what is left? I still have Game Center integration, local score storage, settings layer, how to play layer, and then graphics overhaul and audio. Most of this list won’t take long at all. It is the graphics overhaul and the creation of audio that will take me the longest time.

I have no set end date but have been and will continue to work on this game everyday until finished.

Author: Scyanide

Software Engineer wanting to share his experiences.

2 thoughts on “Annuli Progress”

    1. Heh, sadly that’s what has been going on. I can say that I’ve gone back to a few parts of the game and rewrote sections now that I better understand Objective-C. I’m still very close to finishing and progress has recently (within the last day or so) started back up again.

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