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I’ve been using iOS since it was first released back in 2007 and over time I have seen it grow and mature into an amazing mobile OS. Of course, that does not mean it is perfect. Not everything can be thought up of and/or fixed early on. Over time I have mentally started building a wish list of changes and figured I’d share them with you. As you will notice some/many of these are mostly just to allow the user to keep screen real estate and reduce duplicate usage.

  1. Merge the App Store, iTunes app, and maybe Apple Store app into 1 app
  2. iTunes wish list management added to App Store/iTunes apps
  3. Remove Contacts app from home screen for iPhone
  4. Allow Game Center to search for friends in Facebook and Twitter
  5. Allow option to toggle/hide/remove main apps
  6. Quick access toggles to airplane mode, bluetooth, wifi, cell data, and maybe a kill-all for running apps
  7. Utilize the search panel with said quick access toggles
  8. Utilize the search panel with memory usage on device and iCloud
  9. Utilize the search panel with music/video controls and lock screen from multitask panel
  10. Include a toggle for the device’s LED light for quick access flashlight
  11. Utilize lock screen more: maybe next to the clock give option for toggle of unread email and/or quick local temperature
  12. Remove or speed up shutter animation in camera app
  13. Stop automatically showing bookmarks page when a user opens Safari app on a blank page
  14. Add private browsing toggle to main interface of Safari app
  15. Improved compass design so to avoid constant interference
  16. App Store push notifications for updates
I’ll be updating this list later when iOS 5 comes out as I have a few issues with the design of some changes in iOS 5. Of course, I’m unable to talk about them publicly for now.

Author: Scyanide

Software Engineer wanting to share his experiences.

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