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It has been awhile since I last made a post. Appears I have not made a single post within 2011. So here I am. I’ve actually been around working on my projects and continuing with my daily 9-5 job. Over the year I have obtained a nice list of home projects/ideas that I have been playing around with all while trying to finish my first game. As you can see in the list of pages I have listed out Chirp. I do play darts often but not really that great at it. Some days my friends and I are down to that last number needed and just can’t seem to hit it. Chirp helps remove that annoying aspect and allows us to continue having fun throughout the night.

I have several other projects, mostly web sites and mobile applications, that I will be revealing over time. My goal is to first finish the one project that I’ve been working on for almost 2 years now, Annuli. I don’t think this game should have taken as long as it has but I have taken numerous breaks just to help me get away from it and think more on how to implement it. As simple as the game play is I have rewritten the game mechanics several times now. I refuse to release it until I’m happy with it, however long that takes. After this game is finished I, hope, to have learned several lessons on the whole process because I have ideas for 2 more games along with 2-3 more utility applications.

At the same time I have been writing down ideas for simple web sites. Nothing ground breaking but something to help push myself into the web development world. Something that I have purposely avoided for years but feel I need to jump on it before it is too late. I have already purchased a few domains for the ideas just to hold on to the name. However, this does not mean that I’m not willing to sell the domains if someone has better ideas and the means to get them up and running faster than I do. In the near future I will create a page listing out the domains that I own. The count is low but growing over time.

I hope to take advantage of Adobe’s Muse software to help build the web sites. I was playing with Apple’s iWeb but since it was not updated within iLife ’11 I’m not sure if I should rely on it any more as a simple WYSIWYG editor that will keep up with the modern standards. I’m only playing with Muse for now and looking at the code to make sure it doesn’t become a glorified Frontpage. If all else fails I may just use some of the money generated from my applications to pay a professional web designer to build the sites for me. We’ll see how that all goes.

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