Shazam Makes Radio “Guess This Song” Games Too Easy…

So, I found the Shazam application in the iPhone app store not too long ago and I have to say this is an amazing piece of software for it being completely free. I would be more than willing to pay for this application if it has a small fee.

What does it do? Well, if you don’t know by now it allows you find the name and track information of a song that is being played. So say for instance, you are in your car listening to the radio and you hear a song that you want to purchase later. You can get Shazam to tag the song and it will take a 10-15 second audio clip of the song playing over the radio. The information is sent back to what I can only guess is some amazing piece of audio analyzing servers in which the result is song name and track information returned to you in a matter of seconds.

So far, I’ve tested this application on various radios, store music, and over a at a friend’s house on his stereo and so far it has gotten every piece of audio thrown at it correct. Then again, I’ve only thrown main stream music to it and not any underground or indie yet.

However, whether it can or can’t do typical underground or indie music is of no problem as the music typically played on radio stations are current and main stream music therefore this application can be your tool towards free prizes without even trying. For those of you that listen to the radio a lot you all know that many if not all radio stations do some kind of prize giveaway for naming a song or a series of songs. The prizes usually range from free CD’s, concert ticket’s, and maybe even a free cruise. Even without actually knowing the name of the song just fire up Shazam and there you go you have all the information of each song played.

I tested this out on a radio station that I like to listen to, 101.1 FMover in Orlando, FL. Usually at about 5 p.m. they do a contest called “My iPod” where they play 3 songs back to back and afterwards they take calls for people to name those 3 songs. Well, I fired up Shazam and here is what I got on the day of December 3rd, 2008:

Now was this correct? Sadly I couldn’t find anywhere on the site of the official list, not even sure if it is important enough to put up on their site but all I can say is that I waited till after the last song and for someone to call in. The list was correct.

On a personal note, if some of you look at the times the songs were tagged and realize they don’t fully match up. Well it is because I tested Shazam out several times throughout each song to see if I would get different results. Which, of course, I didn’t.

Author: Scyanide

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