Deleting Symbolic Links Using FTP

So, just after praising SmartFTP with my previous post I came across a small little hiccup. I started having trouble deleting a directory (or so I thought it was a directory according to SmartFTP) when it turns out it was really a symbolic link made with using wp-cache plugin for WordPress. The file “advanced-cache.php” appeared as a directory to SmartFTP and it was unable to delete the “directory” as I kept getting a 550 error. I looked around online and came across a solution using good old command line.

If you ever run into this issue, just fire up your local command line and FTP into your account and “cd” on over to where the symbolic link is located. From there just use the command: DELETE <Insert Symbolic Link name> and it should be removed properly.

I’m curious though, does anyone know of a way to do this in SmartFTP or at least see to it that SmartFTP knows how to handle symbolic links?

Author: Scyanide

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